GREEK NEWSPACE SOCIETY is a nonprofit organization based in Athens, Greece dedicated to the research, the cultivation of knowledge and learning and the methods of its dissemination, as well as the cognitive and academic promotion of technologies, especially in the field of NewSpace. As the Greek chapter of National Space Society, we strive to promote cooperation in the aforementioned fields offering young people the opportunity to expand their horizons and areas of knowledge.

GREEK NEWSPACE SOCIETY facilitates the awakening of the NewSpace flame in Greece through a variety of education, research, art, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation initiatives for students of all ages, as well as for young professionals.

The main means to achieve its objectives are:

– the cooperation with public and private legal entities, the European Union, local authorities, with public or private universities and educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, technology and science parks, research institutes, chambers, with the academic community, and other developmental organizations from within Greece or from abroad.

– the participation in national, European and international financial, research and educational programs to assist the development of space science, technology, and economics, but also of another nature, provided that they promote other applications that use and/or can be supported and improved by the applied innovation of space technologies.

– the publication and translation of books, magazines, studies, photographic exhibitions, and videos and other media that promote space science and technology and the new space economy.

– the establishment of employment contracts with scientists and other specialized personnel, the recruitment and remuneration of appropriate professionals, scientific associates, consultants, and any staff is considered necessary for the fulfillment of the objectives of the Association.