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100 Mentors GrNSS team

An outreach activity aiming to connect GrNSS officers with Greek schools to raise awareness on various space-related issues, in collaboration with 100 Mentors / The Tipping Point.


The Tipping Point (TTP) aims to inform young students about their academic choices and their future professional career. More than 150 schools have joined the TTP program in cities and villages of Crete and Central Greece, Kavala, Prespes, Rhodes, Chios, Arta, up to Methoni, Igoumenitsa, villages of Halkidiki and Oinousses.


Through technology, students on islands, in remote villages of the periphery and in the suburbs of big cities, expand their horizons and choices, receive answers to their questions about the NewSpace Economy industry by GrNSS team mentors, whom they could not meet otherwise.


The main goal of our members is to educate, guide and encourage the new generation in the exploration of the NewSpace Economy. Through their experience, they answer questions and give advice on career prospects in the NewSpace industry.

100 mentors of GrNSS


“The miracle is this: The more we share the more we have.”

— Leonard Nimoy