Academic, scientific, and professional development activities for university students and young professionals


Uplift NewSpace Program consists of the following INITIATIVES


Young NewSpace Scientist Program


Research internships for under – and postgraduate students, as well as for recent graduates, in topics related to the general field of NewSpace, in collaboration with various university laboratories in Greece such as the Transformable Intelligent Environments Laboratory (TiE LAB) of the Technical University of Crete, the Geochoros Geospatial Analysis Geoinfo Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens






Career Astronaut Competition


AdvancingX and Greek NewSpace Society (GrNSS), a Chapter of the National Space Society (NSS), have signed a collaborative agreement that gives more than 700,000 Greek students access to join the Career Astronaut Competition and the AdvancingX STEM Education program aimed at preparing students for careers in space. The Career Astronaut competition offers STEM and art focused individuals from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to experience space training, potential space travel and opportunities for space related careers.

In the competition, Career Astronaut Candidates are assigned to teams using advanced machine learning software developed by BMC with high performance team algorithms and predictive analytics developed by AdvancingX. As candidates move forward through the competition they will be faced with several carefully designed challenges to help identify and measure team cognitive functional characteristics capable of taking on extreme environment circumstances like those found in space. Team oriented tasks measure characteristics that contribute to team communication, resilience, and performance. Challenges include social engagements, survival, and simulated zero gravity tasks designed to prepare Career Astronauts for not only missions in suborbital space flight, the moon, Mars and beyond but to also work
together as a team.

For students preparing to enter the Career Astronaut Competition at a later date, AdvancingX is launching a STEM Education curriculum designed by Xandy Whitman, Director of STEM Education, at AdvancingX. The STEM curriculum is integrated with K-12 and university students.The program is designed to stimulate international and cross-cultural innovation, teaching students to use collaborative intelligence to solve problems, develop technologies, improve current practices, and generate new avenues geared at economic and social progress. Students will have the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that embraces their talents and interests while also challenging them to improve and refine areas of creativity by learning from one another. The program also emphasises the importance of philanthropy, challenging students to share their experiences, inventions, and discoveries with their greater community. Overall, the program will increase students’ perspectives, leading to large-scale impact on not only the space community, but our world as a whole.





Association Tsiolkovsky

Space Challenges Program


Association Tsiolkovsky and GREEK NEWSPACE SOCIETY, a chapter of the National Space Society, have signed a collaborative agreement that offers more than 700,000 Greek students the capability to participate in the Space Challenges Program and interact with the Spaceport Online Platform and Spaceport Odyssey Mobile Application. The Space Challenges Program aims to inspire more young people to pursue science, technical and engineering careers. The program fosters entrepreneurship in the high-tech field facilitating the development of new tech start-up projects that bring innovation to the region.

Register your interest TODAY until 30 of June in the official platform: https://www.spaceedu.net/signup

Space Challenges establishes a strong connection between education and local high-tech industry. By organizing hands-on experience and positive, active attitude towards space science and development in students and young people, we aim to improve the development of a competitive space industry. Space Challenges enables the participants (Space Cadets) coming from diverse background and experience, to learn together, form research collaborations, and launch space-related enterprises based on common interests and expertise, gained during the program.

The program consists of 4 thematic weeks, which will cover the basics of most space-related areas including the business side.

Week 1 – Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Week 2 – Astrobiology, Biotech and Space Medicine; Electronics, Robotics & A.I.
Week 3 – Space Science and Exploration
Week 4 – Space Applications; Entrepreneurship and Team Projects Finals

Space Cadets are working in teams of 4 – 6 participants throughout the entire duration of the program. Their goal is to design, build and test tech prototypes, solving concrete challenges. Each year Space Challenges participants get access to cutting-edge online resources, well designed office and lab space for project development and lecture auditoriums for the core presentations. The program provides all required technical resources for the development of the tech projects, as well as hands-on mentorship and custom-built workshop assignments.

Upon successful completion of all the aspects of the program, the Space Cadets will receive certificates of completion for the program, introduction to leading high-tech companies and seed and venture capitals funds. Overall, the program is designed to inspire and motivate the next generation of scientists and technologists, as well as to catalyze the development of an entrepreneurial culture among researchers in the high-technology space sector.